Army ranger killed Afghanistan, Soldier’s family lives in Fredericksburg

From [photo credit: Ibid]: Army ranger killed Afghanistan, Soldier’s family lives in Fredericksburg [emphasis mine]:

LOHALL When 1st Lt. Benjamin Hall [pictured right] graduated from Ranger school, he looked at himself in uniform in the mirror and said to his dad, “This was 13 years in the making.”

His father, John Hall, a retired Army colonel and Fredericksburg resident, had told his son that Rangers were the Army elite, and he heeded his father’s words.

Benjamin Hall, 24, died from combat wounds Tuesday in Chowkay Valley, Afghanistan.

He was the platoon leader of Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, which is based in Vicenza, Italy.

Hall had been in Afghanistan only 70 days. As he was on his way there in May, he sent text messages to his mother, Sarah.

“Wheels up.”


While he was in Afghanistan, Hall e-mailed four times and his dad saved all of them. He also called home a few times.

“But he never let on how bad it was,” his father said. The soldier told his parents everything was peaceful, “when in fact they were in combat almost every day,” John Hall said.

The second of four children, Hall ran cross country at Hylton High School in Woodbridge and majored in political science at Michigan Technological University. He was top of his cadet class in ROTC and was commissioned in 2005. Last fall, he was promoted to first lieutenant.

“Everything he knew was the military,” John Hall said. “His mother told him to be anything other than a soldier he said he wanted to serve his country.”

The military is in the Halls’ blood. John Hall is a retired Army colonel. Both of Hall’s grandfathers served in World War II; his great-grandfather in World War I; and his great-great-grandfather was a Union soldier in the Civil War.

Hall was a family man, his father said. His 10-year-old brother, Joe, was one of his best buddies.

“He never once worried about not being cool,” John Hall said. “He was always picking [Joe] up, kissing him. He was his.”


“He was just a beautiful young man I’m so proud of him. We all are,” John Hall said. “We’re going to miss him.”

2 thoughts on “Army ranger killed Afghanistan, Soldier’s family lives in Fredericksburg”

  1. My son Will Krebs served with your son at Benning during IOBC. Our son is currently in Ghazni Provence in Afghanistan with 82nd Abn. I believe that both of our sons were in the same squad during IOBC. I shared with my son about your son…very saddened by this horrible news and your tragic loss.

    I served in the 1st Rgr Bn in the 70’s and my dad was also an Army Col (West Point ’45 and Inf).

    Please know that our whole family hurts for your whole family.

    God bless you and God bless every soldier in uniform serving our country…we are very blessed to have sons willing to serve!


    – Bill
    Bill Krebs

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