Nothing that would make people prejudicial there

From WTVR 6 in Richmond: Kaine: Vick Indictment Details “Will Make Your Blood Run Cold” [emphasis mine]:

Governor Tim Kaine has a few words about the federal dogfighting charges against Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

Vick is scheduled to be arraigned in Richmond federal court this afternoon.

In his monthly call-in show this morning on the Virginia News Network, Kaine called the allegations … quote … “an outrageous, outrageous offense if it’s true.”

The governor said some of the details in the federal indictment about the alleged killing of dogs … quote … “will make your blood run cold.” Federal prosecutors claim that Vick and three others accused in the case ran a dogfighting operation and killed dogs or had knowledge of their execution.

Kaine says he doesn’t have any sympathy for anyone who is convicted of such a crime.

He hasn’t been convicted yet, Governor.

Can you explain why an elected official, a Governor of a state, is making comments regarding an ongoing trial? An elected official that is a former lawyer no less.

When will he learn to keep his mouth shut?

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