Search operations at The Four Winds Club, Caroline County

Virginia State Police search helicopterThis happened Saturday morning (July 21, 2007) but I was waiting on a update on the woman’s status before posting:

At approximately 0245 (2:45 a.m.), a call was received from a visitor of The Four Winds Club, located at 2350 Skinkers Neck Drive, Rappahannock Academy, reporting that a woman had gone missing approximately three hours ago and was last seen along the Rappahannock River.

Virginia State Police search helicopterThe Caroline County Sheriff’s Office coordinated and helped to conduct search operations of the campground while personnel from the Port Royal Volunteer Fire Department conducted search operations in the Rappahannock River using a boat and a body heat detection device. Personnel from the Bowling Green Volunteer Rescue Squad and the Ladysmith Volunteer Fire Department rescue/dive team also responded.

Virginia State Police search helicopterThe Virginia State Police dispatched resources including a State Police tracking dog and a helicopter (N36VA) from their Aviation Unit which used forward looking infrared to conduct a search of the forest and open areas.

At day break, fire and rescue volunteers went door-to-door asking residents if they had seen the missing woman without success before they were relieved at approximately 0900 (9:00 a.m.). The woman was eventually located and was unharmed.

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