Border fence, finally?

From Reuters: Work on Texas border wall to begin soon: Chertoff:

Construction on a border wall in southern Texas is expected to begin by this autumn, despite strong local opposition, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said in an interview published on Thursday.


Construction on the wall already has begun in Arizona, Chertoff said. Washington aims to have “operational control” of the border by 2013 by building the 700-mile (1,120-km) wall along parts of the frontier and creating a “virtual fence” in desert areas with drones, sensors, cameras, satellite technology and vehicle barriers.

I’ll be holding my breath in the mean time. And what the hell is a “virtual fence”, is that like “virtual police” or a “virtual military”? How much is this “virtual fence” going to cost to pay people to watch it and respond to illegal entrants?

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