Former University of Mary Washington president’s trial delayed

From Frawley’s trial posponed [sic]:

Ousted University of Mary Washington President William Frawley won’t be tried in Fredericksburg tomorrow on a DUI charge as scheduled.

Fredericksburg Common wealth’s Attorney Charles Sharp said the reason for the delay is that the prosecution is still awaiting Frawley’s blood test results from Mary Washington Hospital.

Frawley is also charged in the city with refusing a Breathalyzer test.

He said he expects Frawley’s appearance at Fredericksburg General District Court to be rescheduled for sometime in September.

Frawley was fired at the end of April after he was charged with driving under the influence twice in two days.

The first charge occurred April 10 in Fairfax County, where he flipped a university-owned vehicle. His court date at Fairfax County General District is scheduled for Sept. 21.

The second occurred the next day in Fredericksburg, after a woman reported seeing him driving in a car with a missing front tire.

How awfully convenient. Three months and they’re still waiting for blood test results? That’s a real go-getter there as Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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