Ivan Teleguz

  • DOC Number: 1190381.[1]
  • Inmate Number: 360579.[1]
  • Venue: Rockingham County.[2]
  • Victim: Stephanie Yvonne Sipe.[3]
  • Crime: Capital murder (murder for hire).[3]
  • Current Location: Sussex I State Prison.[1]
  • Status: Petition for writ of habeas corpus dismissed by the Supreme Court of Virginia.[4]
  • As of: January 15, 2010.[4]

Summary of crime:

From Teleguz v. Commonwealth [emphasis mine throughout]:

During the summer of 2001, [Ivan] Teleguz hired Edwin Lee Gilkes, Jr., and Michael Anthony Hetrick to kill Sipe, who was Teleguz’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his young child. On July 21, 2001, Teleguz, driving his car, took Gilkes and Hetrick from their apartment in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Harrisonburg, Virginia, where Sipe lived. Teleguz told Hetrick he wanted Sipe’s “throat cut” and “to make sure she was dead.” Once in Virginia, Teleguz waited in the car while Gilkes and Hetrick went into a Wal-Mart. Hetrick purchased a fillet knife, which Teleguz approved as a suitable murder weapon. Teleguz took the men to Sipe’s apartment complex and pointed out her apartment. They then drove the car to a parking lot near Sipe’s residence, where Gilkes and Hetrick got out of the car. Teleguz told the men to “wait until he had time to get back to Pennsylvania.”

After waiting several hours, Gilkes and Hetrick walked back to Sipe’s apartment complex. Hetrick approached Sipe’s apartment alone and gained entry by asking to use the telephone. Once in the apartment, Hetrick killed Sipe by cutting her throat. In the course of the attack, Hetrick injured his hand. Hetrick went to the bathroom to clean his hand and was surprised to find Sipe’s infant son “in the bathtub with the water running.” Hetrick turned off the water and left the apartment. Gilkes and Hetrick returned to Pennsylvania by bus.

On the evening of July 23, 2001, Sipe’s mother, Pamela Y. Woods, went to her daughter’s apartment because she had not heard from Sipe during the previous two days and was unable to reach her by telephone. When Woods entered the apartment, she found Sipe’s body in the front room and began screaming for help. Woods then found Sipe’s twenty-three month-old son in the bathroom of the apartment, with the bathtub full of water. The child was unharmed. In response to Woods’ screams, Mark Edwin Moore, a neighbor, went to Sipe’s apartment and, after placing a blanket over Sipe’s body, took Woods and her grandson out of the apartment.

The medical examiner testified that Sipe suffered a number of cuts described as defensive wounds, as well as three other wounds. The first, according to the medical examiner, was a superficial wound. The second wound was a “stabbing wound,” which affected the area “all the way from the left side of the neck . . . to the right side of the neck” and consisted of a cut to Sipe’s windpipe and esophagus. The medical examiner also testified that the third wound, the fatal wound, was a “cutting wound” which consisted of a cut approximately two and one-half inches deep into Sipe’s trachea, larynx, and a major artery on the right side of Sipe’s neck, which was completely severed.

At the crime scene, the Harrisonburg police discovered blood that did not belong to Sipe. Investigator Kevin A. Whitfield learned from Sipe’s family members that Teleguz was the father of Sipe’s son and that he was currently living in Pennsylvania. Investigator Whitfield also learned that relations between Sipe and Teleguz had been strained, and that Teleguz was upset about a court order requiring him to pay child support. On July 24, 2001, Investigator Whitfield interviewed Teleguz at Teleguz’s residence in Pennsylvania. Teleguz denied any involvement in the murder, and stated he had been in Pennsylvania since July 20, 2001.

On December 14, 2001, Investigator Whitfield, assisted by Pennsylvania State Police, executed a search warrant on Teleguz. Police collected samples of Teleguz’s blood, hair, and saliva. Testing revealed that Teleguz was not the source of the blood found at Sipe’s apartment.

Also in 2001, Investigator Whitfield interviewed Mark Moore who told Whitfield that he had seen an unknown person around Sipe’s apartment prior to her murder. When shown a photograph array that included a photograph of Teleguz, Moore told Investigator Whitfield he was about 70 percent certain Teleguz was the person he had seen at Sipe’s apartment. Investigator Whitfield also interviewed Ryan Ferguson, who was with Moore the night he saw the individual leave Sipe’s apartment. Ferguson was also shown a photograph array. Although Ferguson initially failed to identify Teleguz, he subsequently identified the photograph of Teleguz as the one which “most” resembled the person he had seen leaving Sipe’s apartment. No arrests were made on the basis of these interviews.

The investigation stalled until February 2003, when Michael Nelson, a deputy marshal with the United States Marshal Service, contacted Investigator Whitfield with information about the Sipe murder. Aleksey Safanov, who was facing federal criminal charges, told Deputy Marshal Nelson that Teleguz had hired a black male from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to kill Sipe because Teleguz was angry about having to pay child support. According to Safanov, Teleguz said that Sipe had been murdered, and that Teleguz was upset because “[w]hoever killed her left blood evidence.” Safanov also told investigators that after Sipe’s murder, Teleguz wanted to rob Sipe’s parents, and that he and Teleguz had driven to Harrisonburg but ultimately did not commit the robbery.

Safanov’s information led the police to Edwin Gilkes who told the police that he refused Teleguz’s offer to murder Sipe for pay but that Michael Hetrick accepted the offer. The police then contacted Hetrick who ultimately confessed to murdering Sipe. Hetrick said Teleguz had hired him to kill Sipe for $ 2,000, with half to be paid before the murder. When Teleguz received confirmation of Sipe’s death, he paid Gilkes and Hetrick the remaining $ 1,000 plus an additional $ 500 for expenses. Subsequent testing revealed that Hetrick was the source of the unidentified blood found at Sipe’s apartment.

As a result of Hetrick’s confession, Teleguz was arrested in Pennsylvania on July 1, 2004 and subsequently extradited to Virginia. He was indicted by a Rockingham County grand jury for the willful, deliberate, and premeditated killing of a person by another for hire as an accessory before the fact in violation of Code § 18.2-31(2).

Following a four day trial, the jury found Teleguz guilty as charged. The jury proceeded to hear further evidence regarding sentencing. The Commonwealth presented evidence at sentencing in support of the statutory aggravators of vileness and future dangerousness. In addition to the evidence presented during the guilt portion of the trial, the Commonwealth’s evidence included Teleguz’s prior criminal convictions, testimony from Sipe’s relatives, the nature of the injuries Sipe sustained, and the pain she would have experienced prior to her death.[5]

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  1. DeerSpotter says:

    First off,

    how many people were convicted wrongly because the evidence can point to who’s ever person name was spoken?

    If that criminal said somebody else’s name would he have also gone to jail?

    Is the evidence sufficient enough that Teleguz was responsible or if in his place somebody equally talented as a criminal to be placed in that position, would he be charged for the same crime?

    It’s interesting enough i will say, that it looks like if in the papers if i replaced Teleguz with Johnson or whoever would Johnson be guilty as well? if yes then the evidence is not sufficient, and looking at this case makes me wonder if this man was set up?

    Please judge in all fairness, please no criticism. Look at it from this perspective.


  2. bob says:

    oh he is guilty!! if u saw this guy you would agree i knew him! he is pure evil!!

  3. Dima says:

    Ivan is a great person, I knew him personally, I know something is not right with this case! only God can save him,

  4. Dima says:

    It’s a big sham all things eventually will be uncovered, I love and pray for u brother!

  5. Peter Lawlor says:

    He is innocent..

    Read his story at REPRIEVE


    • Forget Reprieve, they’ll free every criminal on earth given half the chance.

      They even think Linda Carty is innocent!

    • PAVEL says:


      • Tatyana says:

        I wonder what a family member you are. you should fear God to accuse innocent men. I am his former neighbor, I know him from his day of birth, I know his family, and I know very well his parents, they all are the sweetest people I know ever. even if I wouldn’t study his case I would hardly believe he could do this, but after 2 of his witnesses had confessed they set him up, then what’s the doubt about?
        I would really caution people who are accusing innocent people, don’t forget God is watching all these.

        Thank you

    • Steve says:

      He got you all fooled hasn’t he? I know, its the way he acts, always with a sad face kinda looks like he is feeling sorry for himself right? See he acted like that outside too and when no one was looking always doing the unthinkable, oh and as stupid as he is, he also bragged about everything he did. ( with a sad face of course)

      Im all about the innocent to be set free but if he goes free, more people will die.

  6. Edith Castle says:

    Stephanie Was Murdered…Brutally Murdered in her own home….
    He drove the car..He paid the money..
    They took a beautiful,loving mother from her”innocent” son…

  7. PAVEL says:


  8. מועדנים לבת מצווה says:

    אירועים חוגגים באירועים במרכז מומלץ! וגם ב מסיבת בת מצווה וגם ב אולמות אירועים ברחובות

  9. Steve says:

    He bragged about killing his girlfriend when we were all outside of Suha… house and since we did not know it acually happent we thought he could be full of it, only 2 years later after he got arrested I personally found out that there really was a murder and of course I knew who did it….

    Ivan asked another friend of mine to build him a bomb that works through a cell phone and thats after the murder, could it have been for Mr Rymor… the guy that got his rims stolen by Ivan weeks before and confronted him? Oh and Mr Safronov (so called witness) bought the rim and was trying to sell them back to the original owner, does it sound crazy? not to them,, this is just normal life.
    Thats not mentioning him selling guns which with one of those guns my other friend got murdered by another Ukranian Psicho!!

    Sure lets just let him go,, after all, we have like 7 billion people, whats another couple of murders right??

    • if he’s bragged about it, along with other information I’ve compiled, he’s guilty and will die a much easier death that this poor gal, young mom that deserved to enjoy her child for a good long time, god will judge…

  10. a juror says:

    He is guily; there is not one iota of doubt.

  11. Amanda says:

    I am an ex girlfriend of Ivan.I honestly cannot say he did it or he did not do it.I really liked Ivan a lot. We had great times together.Currently I do not know how ivans case is going.I just pray for him and hope he is innocent.

  12. Joe says:

    Thanks for the information. I was asked to sign a Change.org petition on behalf of the Teleguz, but couldn’t find information about the case before signing. I found it here.

  13. Lisa ILM says:

    I’ve been checking into this case and I can’t help but have doubts..anyone who could answer this please do. Was there any evidence besides testimony from people who had a great reason to lie.

  14. Lisa ILM says:

    I’ve been checking into this case and I can’t help but have doubts..anyone who could answer this please do. Was there any evidence besides testimony from people who had a great reason to lie. There’s something not right with this

    • Margaret E. says:

      After the Change.org petition showed up in my mailbox, I too tried checking this out. As Lisa ILM says, something isn’t right. To me, the problem is motive. Stabbing is a very personal kind of killing, even if by proxy. In that regard, Teleguz’s role in this makes sense because he did have a motive. Motive to kill someone in a highly personal way only applies to Teleguz from what I’ve read. The man who actually did the murder does not appear to have a motive, which indicates he was probably hired by someone. Therefore, the only way, to my thinking, that Teleguz is innocent is if someone framed him for this. It’s pretty elaborate if that’s the case. Does anyone know how this might have happened?

    • Mespo727272 says:

      Well there’s that fleeing off to Canada thingy showing guilty knowledge and the perps prior convictions. Plus a jury that all the evidence over four days had no problems convicting the guy and ordering him put to death, That’s enough for me.

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