Tip: If 96.17% of your campaign funding comes from yourself, don’t brag about your cash-on-hand.

Because you look like a dork when you do. And this is a tip that Laurence Verga needs to take to heart:

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA – It is clear from the State Senator’s [Robert Hurt’s] finance report that he is the preferred choice of Richmond lobbyists and Washington insiders. However, their support will not buy the votes of the citizens of the 5th District, who have not forgotten his continuous lying about his atrocious record of voting for higher taxes six times, including the largest tax increase in Virginia history and trying to raise taxes unconstitutionally. His report only further confirms that I [Laurence Verga] am the only conservative candidate that can go toe-to-toe with him, as I have reported over $217,000 cash on hand.

Blah, blah, blah.

Is it something worth bragging about having hundreds of thousands of dollars from California land deals to buy an election? What a pompous blowhard.

And should I mention the contribution from San Francisco?

And as an side, during elections, I end up coming with names to mock certain politicians, usually because of something they say or because I accidentally mispronouncing their name. In this case, the other day I referred to Laurence Verga as “Lou Bega”. Hopefully I’m not the only the person that remembers Lou Bega, if so, he’s a link to video of his one-hit (I would embed the video directly, but some of the content might be too sexually “provocative” for some of my readers; I would rate it PG-13 at most).

Frankly, Lou Bega has more qualifications to be in Congress than Laurence Verga.

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