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Someone needs to explain to RPV Chairman John Hager what a “gain” is.

Because it ain’t replacing one Republican with another. Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Republicans around the state are being asked to choose between change and continuity in a contest for the chairmanship of the Republican Party of Virginia.

GOP leaders say former Lt. Gov. John H. Hager — who has been chairman since July and wants to serve a full four-year term — appears to have the lead over Del. Jeffrey M. Frederick of Prince William County.


Frederick, 32, a lawmaker since 2004, said the party needs new leadership because it has lost five seats in the House of Delegates and four in the Virginia Senate while Hager has been chairman. He also said Hager has lagged in raising money for the party.


Hager said Frederick doesn’t mention some of the gains the GOP has made under his watch, including the special election victory of Rep. Robert J. Wittman, R-1st. As for fundraising, Hager said the state party’s revenues doubled last year to $2 million.

Definition of “gain” according to Merriam-Webster:

1: resources or advantage acquired or increased : profit

So, how exactly is replacing the late Jo Ann Davis (Republican) with Wittman (Republican) a gain? Using this logic he gained 53 seats (the current number) in the House of Delegates and 19 seats (again, the current number) in the Senate of Virginia.

He forgot Poland.

Oh, and then there’s the hypocrisy. Continued from RT-D:

“He’s just questioned my integrity; he’s just a kid,” Hager said of Frederick.

Jason Gray of Colonial Heights, chairman of the 4th District GOP committee, said Hager “will carry the convention. He is running strong.”

He also criticized Frederick for running a negative campaign against Hager.

Really? Who went negative? Did Hager falsely accuse Frederick of suing the RPV?:

Hager then mentioned that Frederick got into a legal tussle with the party in 2004 over of a contract his company, GXS Strategies, had with the Virginia GOP for software.

“What can Jeff Frederick do?” Hager asked. “He has never been to a meeting or done anything for the party except sue it.”

Frederick, chief executive officer of GXS strategies, said neither he nor his company ever sued the state party. He said there was a issue related to a contract for software, but the matter was quickly resolved.

“We had a disagreement with the party but we settled it,” Frederick said.

Besides, isn’t Hager running his Chairman reelection campaign out of an office owned by a company that has gotten millions in dollars in no bid contracts?