You know, there are way too many whiners in this country and we need to stop letting more in.

The Free Lance–Star has some bleeding heart story about two families from Iraq who received refugee status and moved to Stafford County. Both families are now in the process of moving back to Syria, Jordan, or Iraq since they apparently think America is too mean and hard to live in. Here’s a quote from the story:

A construction contractor in Iraq, Jawad hoped to find similar work here.

Most Iraqi refugees struggle with the same issue: They were doctors, engineers and businessmen in Iraq, and don’t want to work in fast-food restaurants and warehouses.

But even those jobs are hard to find these days.

Jawad said he applied for a job at a nearby store. He didn’t get the job, but it wouldn’t have prevented an eviction from his $1,500-a-month townhouse.

Wow, you applied for a job and you didn’t get it. Did you try — I don’t know — applying somewhere else? How many jobs do Americans, with a college education, have to apply for before they get hired?

And whose fault is it that you decided to move into a townhouse, in Stafford, that cost $1,500-a-month? Doesn’t Stafford County have one of the highest cost-of-living in Virginia? Did you try finding a place, in say, Westmoreland or Caroline Counties?

How many Englishmen, Irishmen, Italians, etc., who had previously been successful in their home countries, decided to come to the United States long ago? How many of them were immediately successful once they arrived here? Probably not a lot.

Those people came here for a number of reasons: Better opportunities for them and their children, better safety, etc. In this case, these geniuses seem to think that they’re families will be better off in Syria, Jordan, or Iraq, even after one of the families’ 16-year-old had his teeth and legs broken by a hostage taker in Iraq. The father of the other family was being tortured by terrorists and awaiting execution until he was rescued by American soldiers in Iraq also. These folks seem to think they’ll be better off there.

And better yet, how many of the English, Irish, and Italian immigrants contacted the local newspaper looking for a story to be written about how they the decided to quit and head home? Let’s see, probably not an one. And if they did, the newspaper in question wouldn’t have the gall to publish the story.

You know what? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

UPDATE: One of the families profiled in that story had three daughters. Here’s something that’s just happened in Jordan recently according to The Jawa Report:

(Amman, Jordan) A 19-year-old Jordanian woman was killed by her father and her brothers on Saturday in a premeditated honor killing. She had stained the family honor by leaving the home wearing makeup.

Pretty sick, eh?

Some county to move your family to, eh?