I must admit I’m conflicted here.

For two days the Richmond Times-Dispatch has run stories about a battle in Henrico County between a homeowners association (HOA) and a Medal of Honor recipient regarding the veteran’s flagpole (today’s story here).

Now, if this was a state or local government prohibiting the flying of a flag (or the flagpole, depending on who you listen to), this would be a no-brainer and I would be agreeing with the vet. Anyone that knows me, or even reads my blog at all, should know that I think and believe if it’s your property, you should be able to do whatever you want with it. If one of your neighbors doesn’t like it, maybe they should make you an offer you can’t refuse (the monetary kind, not the dead horse kind) for the parcel of land.

However, this is a homeowners association. When you move into a subdivision with an HOA, you agree to the rules that they have been established and any rules they might establish in the future.

That’s your choice. No one forces you to move into that subdivision. By moving into that neighborhood, you’re giving up rights and privileges that you might otherwise have. You agree to abide by their rules, as absurd as they may be.