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Violent abduction in Fredericksburg; areas of Caroline County searched.


Police are investigating what appears to be a violent abduction in Fredericksburg.

Investigators said Yong Hui Zhang left his parents’ China Express restaurant on Jefferson Davis Highway at about 9:20 p.m. Thursday to make three deliveries. When he didn’t return by closing time, his relatives contacted police.

Officers checked one of the delivery sites and found evidence of a violent crime. Officials said they found a large amount of blood and a shoe that could belong to Zhang.

Zhang and his vehicle, a 2004 Nissan Sentra, are still missing.

Zhyang is 24, about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. He has slight facial hair and was last seen wearing shorts and a blue and white horizontally striped shirt. His four-door Sentra is bronze with Virginia license plates JPB6401.

Police have searched an area around Bull Church Road in Caroline County, and additional searches were to be conducted Friday.

Anyone with information should contact Fredericksburg police at 540-373-3122.

Bull Church Road runs North-South from Cedon Road to Golansville Road.

My condolences: Fredericksburg police officer Todd Bahr killed in the line of duty.

The Free Lance–Star:

A Fredericksburg police officer and a suspect were killed late last night in a shot-filled incident fueled by the suspect’s apparent obsession with a former girlfriend.

Officer Todd Bahr, 40, a member of the city force for just under two years, was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head, city police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said.

The suspect, 47-year-old Gregory Berryman, died in a shoot-out with police in the Belmont Apartments parking lot off Cowan Boulevard near the police station.

Bledsoe said Berryman was shot multiple times by city officers after he fired shots at them and an unoccupied police cruiser shortly after 11 p.m.

Police said that after being struck, the suspect put his own gun to his head and fired.

At that time, Bledsoe said, police were unaware that Bahr had been shot. He was found about 15 minutes later near the 2500 block of Manor Court.


Berryman, whose last known address was in Stafford, was no stranger to city police. He was arrested in September when he entered a home in the 1500 block of Airport Avenue looking for the same former girlfriend.

According to police reports, Berryman was carrying a rifle wrapped in a blanket. He confronted a woman who lived there and ordered her to lead him to the former girlfriend.

At that time, police said the woman had broken up with Berryman several weeks later. She no longer lived at the residence, and the resident told Berryman she didn’t know where she’d moved to.

Berryman was charged with armed breaking and entering, abduction and carrying a concealed weapon.

He was convicted in Fredericksburg General District Court on Oct. 18 of brandishing a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon, both misdemeanors, and got two 12-month jail terms, one of which was suspended.

It was not clear this morning when Berryman got out of jail, but defendants generally only have to serve half of active misdemeanor sentences, meaning Berryman could have been freed after six months from his arrest date.

Richmond Times-Dispatch shills for a convicted capital murderer.

Gag a maggot:

Kevin Green is scheduled to die by injection tomorrow night for the 1998 capital murder of a Dolphin woman during a robbery.

Green shot Patricia L. Vaughan four times inside Lawrence’s Grocery, a small business that she and her husband, Lawrence T. Vaughan, opened in 1981 in the small community where they grew up in rural Brunswick County.

Green’s execution is set for 9 p.m. at the Greensville Correctional Center, unless the U.S. Supreme Court or Gov. Timothy M. Kaine intervenes.


It is unclear when the justices will act on Green’s request for an appeal. Frequently, the high court waits until the day of the execution. Governors typically wait to act on clemency petitions until after the Supreme Court does so.

Green’s would be the 99th execution in Virginia since the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the death penalty to resume in 1976. Only Texas, with 405 executions, has conducted more.

Vigils are scheduled across the state, including in a field near the prison on Tuesday evening. A full schedule of vigils can be seen on the Web site of Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty:

My Lord, where’s the vigil for the two victims?

And why is the Fredericksburg City Public School System allowing an employee, Claudia Vandermade, to use county resources (e-mail) to organize a vigil for a capital murderer?

What the hell is wrong with this society?

Since the RT-D was too busy shilling for a convicted capital murderer, please consult Kevin Green v. Commonwealth of Virginia, Record No. 020757:

The victim, Patricia L. Vaughan, and her husband, Lawrence T. Vaughan, owned and operated a small grocery store in Brunswick County. As part of their grocery store operation, the Vaughans regularly cashed checks for employees of several nearby businesses, including a lumber company that paid its employees on Friday of each week. Consequently, Mr. Vaughan routinely went to a bank on Fridays to obtain sufficient currency to cash payroll checks for the lumber company employees. And, he did so on Friday, August 21, 1998. Upon returning from the bank on that Friday, he placed $10,000 in a bank bag that he kept in a cabinet underneath the cash register, another $10,000 elsewhere in the store, and the remaining cash in a safe.

On the day in question, as Mr. Vaughan was starting to eat lunch and to file an invoice, two men entered the store. Mr. Vaughan saw them and recognized the taller of the two men as Kevin Green, the defendant. Green had worked for the lumber company for approximately eight to ten weeks during the preceding spring, and had frequented the Vaughans’ grocery store at lunchtime, after work, and on Fridays to cash his payroll checks.

When the two men entered the store, Mrs. Vaughan had her back to the door and was standing five or six feet from Mr. Vaughan. Thinking that the shorter man was going over to the “drink box,” Mr. Vaughan turned around to finish his filing. As he did so, he heard his wife scream, “Oh, God.” At trial, Mr. Vaughan described what he then heard:

It was four bangs. Bang, bang and I was hit. I didn’t know where I was hit, but I was hurt. I turned a complete turn and fell on the floor, sit [sic] down on my right foot and broke my right ankle. And about [the] time I went down, I looked up and I realized it was a gun being fired. I could see him, he shot toward my wife with the fourth shot. I saw his hand with a pistol in it. He was holding [it] like he was target practicing.

Mr. Vaughan testified that Green, after firing the four shots, walked back to the door and stood there “as a lookout” while the other man came around behind the counter and tried to open the cash register. When the drawer on the cash register jammed, Green directed the shorter man to look under the counter. Upon doing so, he found the bank bag containing approximately $9,000 in cash and Mr. Vaughan’s pistol, which he then used to shoot through the key hole in the cash register drawer. Taking the bank bag and the pistol, the shorter man exited the store, but Green walked a few steps over to where Mrs. Vaughan was lying on the floor and pointed the gun at her again. According to Mr. Vaughan, the gun misfired, and Green ejected a live cartridge onto the floor. Green then fired two more shots in the direction of Mrs. Vaughan. Lowering his head, Mr. Vaughan heard the gun “snap” one more time, but he did not know whether Green was pointing the gun at him or his wife. Only then, when the gun was empty, did Green leave the store.

After Green left, Mr. Vaughan dragged himself approximately five feet across the floor of the store to a telephone and dialed the “911” emergency number, but he was too weak to reach his wife who was still lying on the floor. One of the first police officers to arrive at the scene testified that he observed “puddles of blood just pouring out of [Mrs. Vaughan’s] nose, her mouth, [and] her head.” A local volunteer medical examiner determined that Mrs. Vaughan had died at the scene of the shooting.

A subsequent autopsy of Mrs. Vaughan’s body revealed that she sustained four gunshot wounds. One bullet penetrated the left side of her head, passed through the temporal and frontal lobes of her brain, and lodged in the inner frontal sinus of her face. Another bullet entered the right side of her chest and went into the upper lobe of her right lung. A third bullet penetrated the left side of her back. This was the only non-lethal wound. The fourth bullet entered the right side of Mrs. Vaughan’s back and penetrated two lobes of her right lung. According to the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, Dr. Jose Abrenio, this wound caused hemorrhaging in her thoracic cavity, which led to difficulty in breathing and had the effect of suffocating her. Dr. Abrenio also opined that Mrs. Vaughan survived “seconds to minutes” after she was first shot.

Four days after the murder, a warrant was issued to search Green, his residence, and automobile. During the search of his home, six bullets were retrieved from the trunk of a tree in his yard. The bullets were found behind a “makeshift target” hanging on the tree. Forensic testing on those six bullets and the four bullets recovered from Mrs. Vaughan’s body during the autopsy revealed that all ten “caliber 25 Auto full metal jacketed bullets” had been fired from one weapon. About 35 to 50 feet from the tree, 16 25-caliber empty cartridge casings were also recovered.

After Green was arrested, he executed a form waiving his Miranda rights and agreed to be questioned by law enforcement officers. During that interrogation, Green admitted that he and his cousin, David Green, robbed the Vaughans’ grocery store and that he selected their store because he knew the Vaughans kept a lot of money there. Green and his cousin had originally planned to wear masks to conceal their faces. However, they discarded the masks after they had to wait behind the store in their automobile for about an hour because other people were in the grocery store. Green also admitted that he shot both of the Vaughans, hitting Mrs. Vaughan four times.


During the penalty phase of the trial, the Commonwealth presented testimony from several correctional officers who had supervised Green’s incarceration at different times and facilities. Much of their testimony described incidents during which Green exhibited disruptive behavior, refused to obey instructions, and made threats to the officers. For example, one officer testified that Green “clinched” the bars of his cell and said, “I’ll get you, I will get you.” Another officer stated that, when Green had to be placed in isolation because of his disruptive conduct, Green started throwing anything he could find, flushing the toilet, and throwing water into the hallway. Green then told the officer that he was going to make the officer’s life “a living hell.” Other personnel described incidents in which Green threw food, trash, and feces on the floor and refused to take his medication.

In addition to this testimony, the Commonwealth called Clement Leon Cleaton, an acquaintance of Green. Cleaton testified that Green had threatened to rob and kill him and that he had heard Green threaten to rob a man selling ice cream from a truck. Cleaton also related an incident in which Green had shot several times toward Cleaton’s “hog pen” while Cleaton was feeding his hogs. Cleaton had asked Green not to shoot in that direction.

Why the heck is someone holding a vigil for a piece of scum that shoots a man and a woman, robs her and her husband, and then shoots the woman two more times to make sure she dies?

Fredericksburg election results in.


Debby L. Girvan 1,089 36.08%
Thomas J. Tomzak 1,915 63.45%
Write-in 14 0.46%

6 of 6 precincts in.

City Council:

Kerry P. Devine 1,896 38.98%
Mary Katherine Greenlaw 2,025 41.64%
B-J R. Huff 910 18.71%
Write-in 32 0.65%

6 of 6 precincts in.

School Board:

Jarvis E. Bailey 1,901 51.67%
Michael J. Gillenwater 1,735 47.15%
Write-in 43 1.16%

6 of 6 precincts in.

Still waiting on the results from Caroline County.

Unintentionally funny headline.

Ain’t it always?:

Multiple suspects sought in various crimes:

We have a crime alert about a homicide suspect who’s on the run.

Fredericksburg police are searching for this man, 25-year-old Marcious Cousins.

He’s the key suspect in a homicide that happened last Sunday in Lynchburg at a Super 8 Motel.

Cousins is known to frequent the Fredericksburg area, as well as Orange and Spotsylvania Counties.

Cousins should be considered armed and dangerous.

Call police if you see him.

Moron that died in police custody was on the coke.

The Free Lance–Star: City suspect dies in custody:

Cocaine may have contributed to the death of a man who died in the back of a Fredericksburg police cruiser Sunday night, police said.

James Howard Jones Jr., 36, of Roanoke died after being arrested following a disturbance at the Twi-Lite Motel in Fredericksburg, city police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said.

Man Dies in Fredericksburg Police Custody

From WFLS via AP via WTOP (or something): Man Dies in Fredericksburg Police Custody:

Fredericksburg police were awaiting word Monday on the cause of death of a Roanoke man who apparently died just after being arrested. Police have not released the name of the 37-year-old man, but say he stopped breathing Sunday night in the back of a police cruiser.

Fredericksburg police say the man forced his way into a motel officer and attacked the manager with a knife, then was subdued by the manager and family members until officers arrived.

Police report the man was combative and tried to kick out the windows of the cruiser. They say he was put in leg restraints and minutes later an officer discovered that he was not breathing.

Officers began CPR. He was pronounced dead a short time later at Mary Washington Hospital.

And the probable answer to “why?”, directly from WFLS this time: Suspect dies in custody:

A search of the man’s room resulted in the discovery of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

The Free Lance–Star has a longer write-up: City suspect dies in custody

UPDATED: Rodney Rodis gets 63 months (5.25 years) in federal pen.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Former priest Rodis sentenced to 63 months

The Free Lance–Star: Rodis gets 63 months in prison

Does anyone else think this is a little excessive? And yes, I know the guy is a waste of skin but prosecutors only wanted 51 months (4.25 years).

Heck; murderers, rapists, and drug dealers get less than 5 years sometimes. And yes, I know there is a difference between federal (as in this case) and state sentencing guidelines but still.

UPDATE, 02/22/2008, 1:22 a.m.: The Free Lance–Star: EX-PRIEST GETS 63 MONTHS

UPDATE, 02/22/2008, 3:29 a.m.: Richmond Times-Dispatch: Ex-priest gets five years for fraud

Bill Clinton at University of Mary Washington

The Free Lance-Star has video of the speech. They also have video of him talking to the attendants too. Photos here.

Bill Clinton to appear at University of Mary Washington Monday

UPDATE #3: Post with video links here.

Details at Fred2Blue: Bill Clinton in Fredericksburg

UPDATE #1: Hillary Clinton’s Press Release: Join President Bill Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Town Hall in Fredericksburg!:


Monday, February 11, 2008 at 12:15 PM – 2:15 PM


University of Mary Washington – Great Hall, The Woodard Center
1301 College Ave
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
General Area:


Join President Bill Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Town Hall in Abingdon! Hillary Clinton has spent the past 35 years fighting for American families and she has real solutions to tackle the tough issues we’re facing. Join President Clinton in Abingdon to learn more about Hillary’s lifetime record of results.


Virginia For Hillary

LOL, looks like Hillary Clinton needs to fix her template press release since Abingdon is in Washington County, Virginia (southwestern Virginia).

UPDATE #2: The Clinton campaign has since updated their press release on their website and now says Fredericksburg instead of Abingdon.