Who the hell is this guy’s editor?

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Store owner knew the risks:

Anwar Farooq was no stranger to the dangers of running a convenience store in a rough neighborhood, especially at night.

Nearly 16 years ago, Farooq killed one robber who shot at him and wounded another during an attempted holdup of the store he ran on Jefferson Davis Highway. Farooq also was shot during an exchange of gunfire, but a bulletproof vest saved his life.

A little more than a year later, Farooq fired at another would-be robber after the gunman tried holding up his store. The gunman pointed a pistol inches from his head, but Farooq managed to get the jump on him.

But on Wednesday night, he wasn’t so fortunate.

Farooq, 52, was fatally shot during an apparent robbery at the Fast and Friendly convenience store at 6249 Jefferson Davis Highway, which police say he’s owned or operated since 1990.

A customer discovered Farooq on the floor and unresponsive about 11:30 p.m., and she immediately called 911. He was pronounced dead soon after rescue personnel arrived.


Farooq’s first brush with death came late on the evening of Oct. 9, 1991, when a trio of armed robbers entered the store, which was then called U-Tote’M, at the same time as Wednesday’s apparent holdup. They confronted Farooq, who at the time kept a 9 mm pistol behind the counter, according to a story in The Times-Dispatch.

One man lingered by the cash register while the other two walked to the rear to get wine and beer. Sensing danger, Farooq put his hand on his gun beside the register.

As he walked toward the counter, one man pulled out a .38-caliber pistol and began shooting at Farooq. Farooq grabbed his gun and returned fire while ducking behind the counter.

Farooq fired six shots, two of which hit the gunman in the chest. The robber got out of the store but collapsed and died a short distance away. A shot hit the gunman’s brother, whom police found wounded in the parking lot. A third man got away.

During the gunbattle, Farooq was shot in the lower stomach area of the bulletbroof vest he was wearing. Two slugs were found in the wall above his head. He was not injured.

The man who got away was eventually caught and sentenced to 18 years in prison. The wounded man was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Fifteen months after Farooq’s first gunbattle, another would-be robber entered his store and pointed a blue-steel, .38-caliber revolver inches from his head. He walked slowly to the cash register, where he kept his pistol.

Farooq grabbed his gun and began firing. “I didn’t have time to aim,” Farooq told The Times-Dispatch in December 1992. “I just pointed and shot.”

The man bolted, never firing a shot.

“Too bad you missed,” one customer told Farooq hours after the attempted holdup. “I would have put him to sleep forever.”

What the hell kind of headline is this, “Store owner knew the risks”? You have some nerve using that headline Mr. Mark Bowes or whoever the hell wrote it. If you die in a car accident, can I write an article with the headline saying you “knew the risks” and point out any prior car accidents you were in? This man was trying to support his family and make a better life for himself and you dare to write something like that? Some people don’t have degrees in “journalism” or “communication” and get to sit on their asses all day at a desk writing bullshit articles and headlines like you.

From the more respectful people at WTVR 6 in Richmond:

Chesterfield police are investigating the case. They’re asking anyone with information about the murder to call them at 748-1251, or Crime Solvers at 748-0660.