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Paul Warner Powell to get the chair on March 18th.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

I’m assuming he’s getting the chair, he chose the chair the last time he was scheduled for execution. If, for some reason, he changes his mind, he’ll get the liquid styrofoam instead.

SCOTUS to Paul Warner Powell: Let us know how that execution works out for you.

Not really, but one can dream.

The Supreme Court of the United States has declined to hear Paul Warner Powell’s case, so his execution should be scheduled (again) shortly.

Special thanks to commenter “Fred” for keeping me up-to-date on his case’s status at the Supreme Court in the comments section of the Paul Warner Powell page of this blog.

Dave Marsden admits fraudulent voter registration.

A month ago Dave Marsden was saying that he was living in the 37th district, now he’s saying he will “eventually” move to the district.

In this vain, I’m hereby announcing my intention to run against State Senator Edd Houck (D-17th). I don’t live in the district currently and I more than likely won’t be in the district by the time of they do redistricting in 2011, but I guarantee you that I will be properly renting someone’s basement or guest room before I file for my run.

And I guarantee you, my future constituents, that I will move to the district following my win.

Maybe, if I feel like it.

It really depends on what the housing prices are by that time.

And if I can get a loan.

But I guarantee you!

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Donna Blanton’s petition for appeal hearing granted by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Why? Because apparently the prosecutor isn’t supposed to refute the defendant’s bizarre arguement that the prosecution is supposed to do the defense’s job.

Or something like that. You can read the defendant’s appeal here and the Commonwealth’s response here.

Frankly, Bob McDonnell needs to clear the Supreme Court of these idiots. That’s what you get when you have “Democratic” “leadership” for eight years.

Two universities encouraging Facebook spam.

From my VCU e-mail:

1. Facebook Face-off: VCU vs. GMU
Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University – Virginia’s largest universities and CAA rivals – are going head-to-head to see who can bring in the most Facebook fans. The competition tipped off at noon on Jan. 19 and runs until noon on Feb. 9. The school with the most new fans when the buzzer sounds will be announced at half-time during the VCU and GMU men’s basketball face-off that night. Show your spirit and help VCU win the Facebook challenge. Go to

It’s bad enough the crap I get on Facebook everyday, but here are two dumbass universities encouraging their students to send out as many fan requests as possible.

Maybe the university should send out a link to the video that WTTG (Fox 5 in Washington, D.C.) had during their 10:00 p.m. news about how you shouldn’t act like an obnoxious brat on Facebook.

“Tea partiers” in the 5th against Eric Cantor before they were for him?

Last week, the various far-righters in the 5th Congressional District were incensed that Eric Cantor would dare to contribute $7,000 (through his campaign committee and his personal funds) to the Congressional campaign of State Senator Robert Hurt. These little tirades included throwing around words like “RINO” and whatnot with allegations that Cantor was not a ‘true conservative’ and so on and so forth (for an example, check out the 5th District blog).

Then came news today that certain “tea party” leaders were attempting to recruit former Representative Virgil Goode to run against Perriello, notwithstanding Goode’s lost to Perriello in 2008.

Now, I’m far from a fan of Eric Cantor (and there are posts to prove that), but maybe these “tea party” folks should go take a look at Virgil Goode’s own campaign contributions. According to Virgil Goode’s campaign finance reports (through September 30, 2009), Virgil Goode’s campaign committee has contributed a total of $1,500 to Cantor for Congress ($500 to Cantor for Congress on March 31, 2009, and an additional $1,000 on July 21, 2009).

So, what’s worse, receiving money from Cantor or giving Cantor money?

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Virgil “North American Union” Goode running in the 5th?

Looks like those crazy teabaggers are trying to draft Virgil Goode according to The WaPo.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Goode decided to run since he’s been using his campaign money to pay for campaign stuff through September (the end of the last reporting period), including phone and internet service, web hosting, and photography. And at the end of the last reporting period (September 30th, 2009), Goode still had $126,832 on hand.

The origin of the “North American Union” joke is a resolution that Virgil Goode sponsored back in 2007 which was to “[e]xpress[] the sense of Congress that the United States should not […] enter into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada” (H.CON.RES.40). For those unfamiliar with the “North American Union”, it’s the favorite topic of those one-world government conspiracy theorists which think believe that NAFTA is the end of the United States and blah, blah, blah. If you’re unfamiliar with the “literature” on that particular theory, check out Wikipedia.

And it’s always fun when a ‘free-market constitutionalist’ (or whatever those teabaggers want from Goode) is opposed to free-trade. Because capitalism is bad, mkay?

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Tip: If 96.17% of your campaign funding comes from yourself, don’t brag about your cash-on-hand.

Because you look like a dork when you do. And this is a tip that Laurence Verga needs to take to heart:

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA – It is clear from the State Senator’s [Robert Hurt’s] finance report that he is the preferred choice of Richmond lobbyists and Washington insiders. However, their support will not buy the votes of the citizens of the 5th District, who have not forgotten his continuous lying about his atrocious record of voting for higher taxes six times, including the largest tax increase in Virginia history and trying to raise taxes unconstitutionally. His report only further confirms that I [Laurence Verga] am the only conservative candidate that can go toe-to-toe with him, as I have reported over $217,000 cash on hand.

Blah, blah, blah.

Is it something worth bragging about having hundreds of thousands of dollars from California land deals to buy an election? What a pompous blowhard.

And should I mention the contribution from San Francisco?

And as an side, during elections, I end up coming with names to mock certain politicians, usually because of something they say or because I accidentally mispronouncing their name. In this case, the other day I referred to Laurence Verga as “Lou Bega”. Hopefully I’m not the only the person that remembers Lou Bega, if so, he’s a link to video of his one-hit (I would embed the video directly, but some of the content might be too sexually “provocative” for some of my readers; I would rate it PG-13 at most).

Frankly, Lou Bega has more qualifications to be in Congress than Laurence Verga.

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Another artificial and engineered crisis debunked.

WUSA9: Virginia Nursing Shortage May Be Less Than Expected

And as for all engineered crises (or should that be crisi?), it’s just another attempt to grow the size of government:

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said the state has increased access to nurse training programs and made salaries more competitive, resulting in 900 additional nursing graduates since 2006.

“In the last few years, Virginia has made smart, strategic investments to develop our healthcare workforce and we are seeing tremendous results,” Kaine said. “These efforts will not only help to meet the healthcare needs of millions of Virginians, but give people the opportunity to secure a good job in a growing field.”

“Investments” in government lingo means “I just redistributed your money to someone else.”

Crazy teabaggers unite! (part 2)

Remember Anne Yeisley? Well, here’s another great example of intellect sent under the subject “Are Americans beings turned into Zombies?”:

This video is very sobering.  Are Americans being turned into zombies?

Um, right, zombies. And what post about zombies would be right without some Bruce Campbell?

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